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U.S. Ranks Last In Sustainable Behavior

The United States ranks last in sustainable behavior compared to the rest of the world; as we have every year, and we don’t seem to feel too guilty about it. This according to a survey done by National Geographic.

In the annual Greendex report, which is conducted by the National Geographic Society and research consultancy GlobeScan, found that 47% of U.S. citizens believe in an individual’s ability to protect the environment, and only 21% feel any “green guilt” about their impact on the environment.

Now, on the the other hand, the countries who rank the highest on the Greendex report, such as, India, China, and Brazil, say that they suffer from the most “green guilt” about their impact on the environment. They also seem to have the least amount of faith that their own actions can help to improve it.

This report was done by researchers who asked 17,000 consumers in 17 countries a series of questions, via an online survey. The questions were about transportation, housing, food and consumer goods.

Here is a graph which shows the countries surveyed and where they rank for sustainability from 2008-2012: