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How Important Is It That Your House Cleaners Are Bonded?

What does it mean if your house cleaners are bonded? It basically means that if in the rare occasion something is stolen from your home during a cleaning service, and the employee steals, is arrested, or tried and convicted, the bonding company will cover the loss up to the amount of the bond carried by the company.

Although the hiring process is easier nowadays, with all the information you can receive about someone via online information and criminal background checks, having a company that is bonded gives some customers a sense of security. The problem is that it can be a false sense of security. Asking if a company is bonded is fine, a more important question may be, “who will be cleaning my home? How do you select, hire, and train the people who work for you?” Another important question could be about whether or not the company is properly insured, including liability and workers comp. insurance.

So, while having your cleaners bonded can be helpful in a concrete case of theft (which is very rare), it is not the most important thing you should concern yourself with when hiring a cleaning company.