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How To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

Allergy season can be a real pain. The coughing, trouble breathing and sneezing seemed to be especially bad this year do in large part to our very mild winter. Another cause for these symptoms can also be from poor air quality. A home overcome with dust, mold and other common allergens may cause you to sneeze, cough, etc….

Eliminating all of the elements that cause allergic reactions in your home is basically impossible, but you can reduce them. By making sure your air-conditioning and heating systems are equipped to effectively clean the air, and having your home weather sealed are two ways you can combat the allergens getting into your house. Some other ways to lower allergens in your home are:

1. “Monitor humidity levels”-Most allergens are caused by moist, humid air. Using a dehumidifier in moist places in the home (like the basement) can help.

2. “Thermostat levels”- Try to keep your thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees. (Mold grows in warmer temperatures)

3. “Keep a clean house”- Cleaning your house once a week will cut down on dust, pet dander and other allergens.