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How Often Should You Get Your Home Cleaned?

A frequently asked question by home owners who are hiring a cleaning service for the first time is, “How often should you guys come?”. As much as a cleaning service would love to come do a job everyday, this most likely is not necessary.

To decide on how often you should have your home cleaned, you should start by figuring out how often you yourself clean your home. Not just a quick tidy up either, a real cleaning, with vacuuming, scrubbing the toilet, polishing furniture, etc.. You should also consider other family members, do they help keep the place clean or do they contribute to the mess? You need to look at what can be done between cleaning visits in order to get an idea of how often you need to hire outside help.

Another important factor which you must consider is budget; although you may want (or need) to have a weekly cleaning, you may have to stay within a certain dollar amount. The average cost of having a cleaning service come is between $85-$165 (although prices may vary based on property size or location). Most cleaning services are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The most common service is bi-weekly, but if you find yourself spending a lot of time cleaning more than once a week, then a weekly schedule may be a good idea.