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More Uses for Lemons

There is an old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, thanks to the high acid content and nice smell, there are plenty of other uses for the citrus fruit. According to Stylist Home, lemons can be used in lieu of chemical cleansers for household jobs.

"The Magic Fruit"


Here are a few of the jobs you can use lemons for:

“Cleaning Grout”- Instead of using harsh chemicals such as bleach, you can cut a lemon into quarters and simply scrub the pieces onto the stained area (a toothbrush is recommended for for set in stains). Afterwards, rinse with a good amount of water.

“Deodorizer”- Have you ever cooked or reheated something in your microwave that left it smelling, well, a bit funky? Now you can cover up that leftover meatloaf by filling a bowl with water and lemon slices, and nuke it for 45 seconds. Afterwards you just have to wipe out the microwave.

“Fixtures”- You can actually use lemons to restore the shine on chrome fixtures in your home. You simply cut the lemon in half, rub the fruit on the fixture, wait 10 minutes, then wipe the lemon off the fixture and you’ve got a beautiful finish.