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Boulder Spring Cleaning

patch of crocus flowers enjoying the early spring sunshineSpring is only two weeks away and that means it’s time to throw open the windows and break out the Eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  It’s spring cleaning time along the Front Range!

Spring cleaning presents a great opportunity to get to some areas of your house that are hard to reach during regular cleanings.

Green spring cleaning tips:

Refrigerator – Clean the floor and wall behind your refrigerator.  Don’t forget to dust and clean the refrigerator coils.  This helps the refrigerator run more efficiently, reducing your electricity bill.

TV & Entertainment Center – Clean the floor and wall behind your  TV and entertainment center.  Also take some time to get all the dust off the cables and vent fan grates on your electronics.  Make sure they are turned off, unplugged and cooled down before you do.  Removing all the excess dust from your  electronics will help them run cooler and more efficiently.

Reduce cleaning waste – use microfiber clothes and dish rags for cleaning instead of paper towels.  Swap out the Swiffer sweeper for a broom and reusable mop.

Get organized – Getting organized and planning ahead can help reduce stress and reduce the amount of time you are cleaning.  Check out this helpful spring cleaning checklist (pdf) from Martha Stewart.

Depending on your personality you are probably either eager and excited to get to your spring cleaning to do list or you are dreading what seems like an insurmountable list of chores.  If you fall into the latter category, then give us a call! We can help you with all your indoor spring cleaning chores in an Eco-friendly manner.  Contact us for a spring cleaning estimate.

Do you have one or two whacky or crazy spring cleaning chores or traditions? Share them with us in the comments.

Photo credit: pdbreen on Flickr

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