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Traditional Lawn Care Versus The “ecoLogical Way”

It’s official Spring is here! Have you scheduled your spring cleaning yet?  How about a spring cleanup/prep for your yard?  Lawn pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are associated with an increased risk of cancer, neurotoxicity, birth defects, liver or kidney damage, reproductive effects and endocrine disruption. These are not chemicals you want in your yard and you certainly don’t want to track them into your home! John DeFilippi owner and founder of Boulder’s ecoLogical Lawn & Tree Care is our guest blogger.

Guest Blogger: In 2008, owner and founder, John DeFilippi realized it was time to offer an environmentally safe alternative to traditional lawn care that is dependent on chemical applications and synthetic fertilizers as well as pollution-spewing lawn equipment. He began researching the philosophy behind organic lawn care and consulting with the country’s leading experts and soon realized that the formula was simple: Conventional lawn care treats symptoms – Alternative lawn care solves problems. So in 2010, ecoLogical Lawn & Tree Care embarked on its first season of business, built upon eco-conscious principles and a promise to keep people, pets and the planet safe as Boulder’s first complete earth-friendly alternative to lawn and tree care. John was nice enough to take the time to tell us more about his business. 

How is ecoLogical nontoxic?

We never use toxic lawn chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in our turf care programs. Organic applications, high quality fertilizers and a dedication to improving and nurturing soil quality and microbial balance are our safe and effective methods for a healthy, green lawn.

  1. Gas-powered lawn equipment burns 580 million gallons of fuel per year and contributes to 5% of urban air pollution.

How is ecoLogical cleaner?

We only use cordless-electric or propane-powered mowers and equipment that are recharged with solar or wind energy.  Our equipment emits 3,3000 times less hydrocarbons and less than half the carbon dioxide than gas mowers.

  1. Pesticide run-off pollutes ground and surface water threatening the safety of drinking water and can endanger wildlife and family pets.

How is ecoLogical safer?

Our eco-friendly applications are free of chemicals and thus nontoxic to humans, pets and the environment.

  1. Expensive lawn pesticides and herbicides can add up financially and don not treat the root of the problem. In fact, these chemicals deplete soil nutrients and are only reactionary.

How is ecoLogical cost-saving?

Alternative lawn care saves you money by replacing on costly chemicals (which have short-term effect) with less expensive pest prevention techniques such as integrated pest management (IPM). IPM gets at the root of the problem such as increasing soil health, biodiversity, and monitoring bugs and weeds before they become pests.

  1. Lawn care accounts for more than 30% of total water usage in the United States

How is ecoLogical earth-friendly?

Our water conservation initiatives and irrigation management consulting encourage responsible water usage and help cut-down on household consumption.

  1. Gas equipment can run up to a potentially dangerous 100 decibels of noise

How is ecoLogical quieter?

Our electric mowers are up to 75% quieter

How to Keep your Pets Safe & Secure in their Home when you are Away

Guest Blogger: Many of our customers have pets so we thought we would ask an expert for some tips for keeping pets safe when you are not at home. Dan Lipschultz is the Top Dog and President of Out-U-Go! Pet Care in Denver & Boulder. Out-U-Go! has 8 locations in 3 states and has provided more than 1,000,000 dog walking and cat sitting visits over 16 years. 

These are great tips, thanks Dan!

Heading out for work in the morning?  Getting ready to leave town?  That would all be simple enough if your pup or kitty didn’t have his or her own plans for what to do the moment you walk out the door.  As any pet lover knows, often times these plans include, but are not limited to, making a gigantic mess of your house.

Out-U-Go! has been providing dog walking and pet sitting since 1996.  As such, we have walked in on plenty of messes that took place after our pet parents stepped out.  As fun as it is to discover an easily preventable mess, clean it all up and then call the pet parent to break the news, following these simple Do’s and Do Not’s can help keep your pets safe, secure and out of mischief while you’re away.

–        DO NOT leave your pantry door open.  If you do, your pet might decide to eat all your food, or at least open a big bag of chips and spread them all over your floor.

–        DO keep your toilet seat down, unless you want your pup to drink all the water.

–        DO NOT leave your trash can out and open.  Pups love trash cans about as much as they like pantries.

–        DO put away dishrags, strings, small rawhide chews or other choking hazards when you aren’t there to supervise your pets.

–        DO NOT leave windows open if your cat can reach them.  Your kitty might decide to go for a mid day stroll right through the screen.

–        DO give your pets lots of love, scratches, treats and belly rubs before walking out the door!

–        DO NOT leave home for too long at a time without having an awesome, local dog walker or pet sitter from Out-U-Go! stop by to check in on your favorite furballs. 

About the Author:  Dan Lipschultz is the Top Dog and President of Out-U-Go! Pet Care in Denver & Boulder. Out-U-Go! has 8 locations in 3 states and has provided more than 1,000,000 dog walking and cat sitting visits over 16 years.  More information about Out-U-Go! services and franchise opportunities can be found at Please let them know you were referred by Clean Conscience.

Boulder Spring Cleaning

patch of crocus flowers enjoying the early spring sunshineSpring is only two weeks away and that means it’s time to throw open the windows and break out the Eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  It’s spring cleaning time along the Front Range!

Spring cleaning presents a great opportunity to get to some areas of your house that are hard to reach during regular cleanings.

Green spring cleaning tips:

Refrigerator – Clean the floor and wall behind your refrigerator.  Don’t forget to dust and clean the refrigerator coils.  This helps the refrigerator run more efficiently, reducing your electricity bill.

TV & Entertainment Center – Clean the floor and wall behind your  TV and entertainment center.  Also take some time to get all the dust off the cables and vent fan grates on your electronics.  Make sure they are turned off, unplugged and cooled down before you do.  Removing all the excess dust from your  electronics will help them run cooler and more efficiently.

Reduce cleaning waste – use microfiber clothes and dish rags for cleaning instead of paper towels.  Swap out the Swiffer sweeper for a broom and reusable mop.

Get organized – Getting organized and planning ahead can help reduce stress and reduce the amount of time you are cleaning.  Check out this helpful spring cleaning checklist (pdf) from Martha Stewart.

Depending on your personality you are probably either eager and excited to get to your spring cleaning to do list or you are dreading what seems like an insurmountable list of chores.  If you fall into the latter category, then give us a call! We can help you with all your indoor spring cleaning chores in an Eco-friendly manner.  Contact us for a spring cleaning estimate.

Do you have one or two whacky or crazy spring cleaning chores or traditions? Share them with us in the comments.

Photo credit: pdbreen on Flickr