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10 tips to green your Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’ve been looking for ways to make your Halloween celebrations healthier for your family and the planet, then check out our ten tips to green your Halloween.

1. Carpool and Walk

Walk your own neighborhood and then carpool with friends and family to go Trick or Treating in other areas.  Park strategically near the entrance of a neighborhood or subdivision and walk through it.

2. Use natural products for outdoor decorations

A great way to green your Halloween is to use natural items like straw, corn, corn stalks, pumpkins and squash in place of plastic one time use decorations from the party supply store.  Farmers Markets and local farms are great places to look for these fall harvest items.  Not only will you reduce your impact on the local landfill with plastic garbage but you will also be helping out your local farmers and the local economy.

3. Compost your outdoor décor 

If you used natural items like the ones listed above then you can compost them and use the compost in your vegetable garden or flower bed in the spring.  Watch this video for easy Halloween composting tips.

4. Bag those treats responsibly!


Use reusable grocery bags or an old pillow case for holding treats.  You can also get creative here and make the bag part of the costume.  An old backpack for your little zombie hiker or an old purse for your little princess.  You can also purchase reusable trick or treat bags.  These can then double as extra reusable grocery bags.

5. Get creative with your costume

Use old clothes and household items as props instead of plastic one time use costumes from the pharmacy.  This approach does require a bit of creativity but it’s a great way to spend some quality time with the kids.  Another advantage of using old clothes and household knick-knacks is that they are reusable and perfect for a costume swap. Talk to friends and family members to see if they have any of their children’s older costumes that they could swap.  Also, check out the National Costume Swap Day website for ideas on how to set up a swap.

6. Donate your leftover Halloween candy to a good cause

Instead of throwing away leftover candy that is still edible, where it will end up in a landfill, donate it to a good cause.  You can have your candy sent to the troops overseas by donating to Operation Gratitude or Any Soldier.  Food pantries, children’s hospitals, and nursing homes will generally accept donations, including candy.  Keep in mind that all candy that you donate should be in its original wrapping.

via Stretch Island Fruit Co.

7. Think outside of the candy box

You don’t have to give conventional candy.  There are lots of organic and unconventional sweet treats that you can give.  Check out the real fruit strips from Stretch Island Fruit CompanyLärabar makes healthy whole food bars.  They are also having Halloween sale!

Trinkets and collectables from local businesses and giftshops are great too, especially if they are made locally too.  Kids like unique things like polished rocks or some other unique keepsake.  Buying locally also strengthens our local economy.

8. Use beeswax candles

Light up your Jack-O-Lanterns with beeswax candles. They are all natural while paraffin candles are a petroleum byproduct.  There are lots of online websites selling beeswax candles.  If you want to buy locally consider asking around at your local Farmers Market or contact the local apiary.

9. Choose ethical and sustainable chocolate

Choose Rainforest Alliance Certified™ chocolate for Halloween treats. To help support healthy farmlands, forests and wildlife habitat — as well as the well-being of farm workers and their communities — look for chocolate that features the Rainforest Alliance Certified green frog seal! Find certified chocolate here.

10. Throwing a Halloween party? Skip the single-use dinnerware.

If you are going to a party or planning a quick meal with family and friends before trick or treating, skip the single-use dinnerware. Choose a more sustainable option, like compostable products. Click here to find compostable dinnerware on Amazon. has lots of great tips, ideas and suggestions to help make your Halloween fun, healthy and green. What other green ideas are you employing to green your Halloween? Share with us in the comments. 

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  1. wes

    12 years ago  

    I love the larabar idea! I too am giving out healthy snacks this year. I recently saw something about tooth decay and how it is a major chronic illness in children. I hate how this is so easily preventable so I did some research and found a great charity. I will be handing out info on America’s Toothfairy, and every $5 donation gets a child toothpaste, a toothbrush and preventive oral health education! Check out this link to set up your personal virtual fundraising page and invite your friends and family to Trick or Treat for America’s Toothfairy!

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