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When walking around in Whole Foods or Sunflower Market one will come across a selection of great home cleaning products: Method, Seventh Generation, Simple Green, etc. These products work great and some even come in biodegradable containers! It is amazing how far things have come in the last 15 years in terms of the available selection of non-toxic cleaning products. Gone are the days of your home smelling like lemons and Christmas trees!

While the standard versions of these products are great, it’s a good idea to always search for the concentrated versions of the products when you are able to. The most prevalent example of this is concentrated laundry detergents. Below are three benefits of switching over to concentrated products (using laundry detergent as an example).

  1.  Transportation – concentrated laundry detergent comes in smaller containers when compared to non-concentrated laundry detergent. The bottles are going to be shipped all over the world; smaller bottles equal less weight and less space required on trucks. The end result of this is less gas used in the transportation process.
  2.  Resource Use – the amount of material required for the containers is reduced due to the smaller size of the containers. Less water is used in the detergent production process because the detergent is ‘thicker’ in its concentrated form.
  3.  Cost Savings – the savings (due to minimized transportation and resources costs) are passed along to the consumer. Cheaper and more efficient… sign me up!

Although these benefits seem small when viewed on the individual level, the benefits really add up when applied on a large scale.

The three benefits above hold true beyond laundry detergents. At Clean Conscience we use only concentrated cleaning solutions with reusable bottles and containers. Along with being non-toxic, our system is highly efficient and results in minimal waste over the product life-cycle. We think that our concentrated cleaning system is great and we hope that you will too!