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I was speaking with one of our customers a little while ago who shared a humorous experience with me. Another cleaning service came into his come and wiped down everything with a single smelly rag. Needless to say everything was less than clean afterwards. This used to be a somewhat common problem until the creation of microfiber.

Microfiber is a combination of two basic fibers that when formed together properly create a series of extremely small fibers; so many that 200,000 cover a square inch! The shape of the fiber is unique and results in a dramatically higher surface area than a normal fiber material (think about trying to brush dirt around with a rake versus a broom). When applied to cleaning, microfiber is without question the superior cloth. I hope you find this to be as exciting as we do (please note the mesmerizing microfiber diagram below)!

There are many health and environmental benefits stemming from the use of microfiber during the cleaning process. Microfiber is a hypoallergenic material that is easily cleaned between uses – thus eliminating the possibility of bringing external allergens into your home. Another benefit is that the material is roughly 4x as effective as a standard cloth. This means that not only will it clean better, but the cloth itself will have a smaller environmental footprint due to the reduced amount of water required to launder the material. Adding to the environmental benefit is the increased life of microfiber material when compared to a standard cloth; longer life equates to less resources used to create cloths!

Does it get any better? Try some microfiber out today – you wont be disappointed!