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Pet Safety and House Cleaning

Most of our clients consider their pet a member of the family. At Clean Conscience, we completely understand and treat pets as if they were our customer too! Our cleaning crew enjoys working in homes with pets; they often have great stories about the cats and dogs they meet at client homes. Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the challenges faced in keeping your house clean.  As an owner of a yellow lab, I can relate to the mess our furry friends leave behind – dog hair, slobber, chewed up sticks, toys – the list goes on! At Clean Conscience, we not only concern ourselves with these cleaning challenges, but our crew also needs to know how to enter a home with a pet and work around their space.

We are always looking for additional training opportunities for our employees to drive continued learning. Given our pet friendly culture at Clean Conscience, and the large percentage of customers that own a pet, we thought it would be great to offer pet training to our cleaning crews.

As part of its ongoing commitment to keep pets and people safe, Bark Busters, the world’s largest dog training company, offered their world renown Dog Safety Program™ to the Clean Conscience team. Bark Busters’ dog behavioral therapist, provided our cleaning crews with dog safety and bite prevention tips while helping them understand how to communicate more effectively with dogs by using voice control and body language.  This training helps employees who encounter dogs as part of their daily work routines to:

  • Understand how to safely enter an area where dogs are present
  • Recognize the signs of aggression in dogs
  • Recognize and apply canine communication techniques
  • Learn techniques to avoid dog attacks

Thanks Bark Busters, we appreciate it and our clients furry friends appreciate it!