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Cree’s Prototype LED Lamp Raises the Bar for Low Energy Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Earlier this month, LED lighting company Cree debuted their newest prototype LED lamp.  This latest iteration achieved over 1,300 lumens at 152 lumens per watt.  As an efficiency comparison, a traditional 75-watt incandescent light bulb produces 1,100 lumens at only 14.6 lumens per watt.  Cree claims that “full deployment of lighting this efficient could reduce U.S. energy consumption by 16.5%, equivalent to 1987 levels.”

Cree 21st century led lamp prototype

No ordinary light bulb! Source:

At Clean Conscience we get excited about new products and processes that allow us to do more while using less natural resources and reducing harmful impacts on the environment.  Whether it’s at work using the PortionPac cleaning system that reduces the use of harmful chemicals and precious fresh water supplies while delivering a superior clean; or at home using efficient lighting solutions to reduce electricity usage while not sacrificing lighting quality or output.  It all comes down to a comprehensive approach to achieve a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

The 21st century LED lamp prototype benefits from technology developed under Department of Energy (DOE) funded contracts, which are part of Cree’s ongoing collaboration with DOE through projects such as the Bright Tomorrow L Prize competition and the 21st Century Lamp competition to advance the successful adoption of energy-saving solid-state lighting.

Check out the video below to learn more about the new 21st century LED Lamp and see it in action:

[youtube rWx_2fqhzOQ CreeInc YouTube video]

To learn more about low energy lighting systems, check out Cree LED Revolution to see more of their cutting edge products in action.

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