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Smart Technology for an Energy Effecient Home

At Clean Conscience, we use cleaning products and practices that are safer for people, pets, and the planet. Check out this innovative technology that makes the planet better by using less energy to heat and cool your home.

Last month GE announced the winners of their 2011 Ecomagination Challenge (see video 4/16). One of the winners is a company called Suntulit, which means balance in Sanskrit.

Their three part system is comprised of advanced sensors, smart software, and wireless battery-operated air vents. Combined, these allow the system to learn the living patterns of people in your house and make changes to temperature based on that information. Suntulit calls this technology “Ambient Intelligence”. The system only heats or cools rooms that are occupied, or likely to be occupied, and does not waste energy on rooms that are not. For example, over time the system knows that you come into the kitchen at 7AM to make coffee. It automatically starts to condition the room 30 minutes before you get there for optimum comfort.  Here is an overview of the Suntulit system:

[youtube iJmKmgKx3CI nolink]

The system saves 30% of energy use without sacrificing comfort. Their first product is called Smart HVAC and is aimed at the residential market. Smart HVAC is in beta trials now. We hope it gets to market soon so our conscience can stay clean AND optimally cooled!

Click here to watch Suntulit Co-Founder Suminderpal Singh Bedi speak about the system on CNN at 2:10 into the video.