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We are often asked the following question: “what makes your cleaning service different?” The short answer is our level of commitment to healthy cleaning. We carefully consider a lot of factors before selecting our products and equipment (including but not limited to: effectiveness, sustainability, environmental impact, etc). Of all of the equipment we use, perhaps none is more important than the vacuum.

One huge benefit of our service is the reduction of in-home allergens; as an allergy sufferer this issue hits me close to home. All of the vacuums we use carry a certification by the American Lung Association (ALA) – proving ability in improve indoor air quality. We exclusively use Pro Team products carrying an ALA certification that are extremely effective and allow us access to those extra hard to reach areas!

We are unique in that we use two types of vacuums. The traditional (or upright) vacuum is something that most are accustomed to seeing. We take things a step further and also use a backpack vacuum (also known as a Ghostbuster vacuum for all of you Bill Murray fans). The backpack vacuum is much more effective on non-carpeted areas (such as wood and laminate) than the upright vacuum and also effectively reaches under furniture with ease.

One of our Pro Team backpack vacuums in action – if you look closely you can actually see the dust-bunnies quivering in fear!